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Utilize Talents and Skills of Your Members

by Denny Schackter, USPTA Elite Professional

Several years ago, I was invited to sit in on a staff meeting at a very large multi-purpose club. Fitness, tennis, paddle, swim, snack bar were all included. Discussed was a forthcoming event that needed to be catered. I was asked my opinion on the event and my only comment was, “do you have members that are in the catering business?” The staff looked at each other and could not answer the question.

My point is that, as much as privacy allows, Directors in clubs should know the profession of their members. Utilizing your membership for skills and services is good public relations for the Club, excellent exposure for the vendor, and a benefit of trust from both parties. One could argue, “what happens if there are two people in the same business?” I would say that you give both parties a chance to bid, but most important, give all a chance for the Club business. Why not use a club member for electrical work, catering, plumbing, or carpentry work? Why not buy or lease a vehicle from a member or two?

Whether you agree to the pros and cons of this premise, I still feel it deserves discussion in staff meetings. If I were a member pulling into the parking lot and saw a competitor doing goods and services at my club, and I was not asked to engage, I would be very disappointed and wonder why I belong to this club? Food for thought.

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