Denny Schackter has been serving the Tennis Teaching Professional Industry for his entire career.

Denny Schackter, Founder of Tennis Priorities Company has been integral in locating Professional Tennis Coaches for over 20 years.  Understanding the need for promoting the profession of teaching tennis, Denny places the best tennis coaches at tennis clubs in Chicago, Indiana, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and the Greater Wisconsin Region. While also serving as an ambassador in support of Tennis careers, Denny remains active in Tennis Associations at the Local, Regional, and National level.

He is currently a Hall of Fame member for both the Wisconsin High School Tennis Coaches Association and the United States Professional Tennis Association’s Midwest Division. Denny is currently on the Board of The Milwaukee Classic and is a former member of the Board of the Chicago District Tennis Association. A former member of both The USPTA Midwest Board and United States Tennis Association’s National Committee for ‘Tennis on Campus’, Denny has been the Chair of the USTA Midwest Committee for Tennis Industry & Education and has been the Co-Chair of the USTA Midwest Collegiate Committee. He has been reappointed to the United States Tennis Association High School Committee for 2023-2024 and selected for the Business Development & Sponsorship Taskforce by the USTA Midwest for 2023-2024.

Denny’s goal is to attract more talent into tennis industry positions and to connect them with financially lucrative and stable job opportunities. Denny works throughout the region to inform young adults of opportunities within the tennis industry and promoting the positive aspects of working in tennis. Denny advocates on behalf of such benefits as the tennis lifestyle, helping others, healthful benefits, and financial opportunities.

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Former MTEF Executive Director, Michael D. Levy, Sr., MTC Executive Vice President and board member, Mary Fran Cahill and former Wisconsin men’s tennis coach, retired Wilson Sporting Goods executive and MTC 41 year board member, Denny Schackter approving return of the MTC to an individual, national intercollegiate invitational tournament at the MTC board meeting on June 16, 2016 at Automotive Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee. Photo by Russ Eisenberg

With a lifetime of connections in the Tennis Industry including sales posts, coaching, and now human resources, Denny works on educating executives in the club, resort and park industries on the long term financial benefits of hiring and retaining top tennis professionals as well as additional opportunities and resources available to help grow their business.


Denny Schackter

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“I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed to the USTA National Committee for High School Tennis for 2020-2022. This Committee insures that high school tennis is in the forefront of tennis programming and promotion on a national level.  I am very proud to be serving and hope that my experience in the industry will make a difference moving forward.”
”I just received my certificate alerting me that I have been a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association for 45 years. This means two things: I am a seasoned veteran of the tennis-teaching profession or I am a veteran of the tennis-teaching profession who needs more seasoning!” 

“During 2022 and 2023, I have been very fortunate to have several awards come my way.  In 2022 XS Tennis and Education in Chicago named a tennis court in my name in conjunction with the ITA Men’s Team Championship.  I was flattered to be honored in front of my tennis friends and my wife Patti.  In 2023, the USPTA Midwest awarded me the Faye Tooley award which is given to a tennis professional who gives service without recognition.  Lastly, the Wisconsin Tennis Association awarded me the Nancy Massart Jensen award for advocating the mission of the Wisconsin Tennis Association.

I convey these honors in hopes that others in our tennis communities realize that one can accomplish a great deal as long as one does not worry about who gets the credit.  If you live by that motto, lots gets done.”