Denny Schackter Award to Be Given Following MTC Tournament

Since the founding of the Milwaukee Tennis Classic (MTC) in 1975, Denny Schackter has participated and supported the tournament initially as the Head Men’s Tennis Coach of UW-Madison, where he successfully coached several top players who distinguished themselves in the Big Ten and the MTC.

After retiring from coaching, Schackter was the widely admired, official representative of Wilson Sporting Goods in Wisconsin. During this time Schackter also served as a key and strategic member of the MTC board.

41st MTC Program Page 2_Layout 1With Schackter’s advice, guidance, enthusiasm, and support, the MTC became the largest and longest-running men’s and women’s intercollegiate singles and doubles tournament in the US attracting many of the top ranked college players. He always was there with a smile, a friendly and supportive attitude, and offered insights that dramatically and positively shaped the MTC over the years.

In whatever capacity, Schackter has always been a positive force supporting and promoting tennis with schools, players, officials, and the tennis community. His advice and counsel are always recognized and appreciated.

Because of the ongoing, impressive and selfless contributions of Schackter to young people and tennis, on December 7, 2015, the MTC Board of Directors approved the Denny Schackter Award.

The Schackter Award is made annually to girls’ and boys’ high school tennis programs in the Greater Milwaukee area (Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, Waukesha, Racine and Kenosha Counties) that have built expanded successful, diverse, no-cut tennis programs with emphasis on character, leadership, and competitiveness.

The First Schackter Awards will be presented to the winning coaches at the finals of the MTC Tournament.

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